Star Trek Halloween Costumes

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Can we dress in "Star Trek" group Halloween costumes?

Star Trek Halloween Costumes

Those Kirk vs. Picard debates threaten to get out of hand. Get a life or get Blue Man Group Halloween costumes. If you can stand the heat, fire all phasers and go as the crew of the Enterprise for your Halloween costume idea group.

To "make it so" for your group Halloween costume ideas, you'll need bald headpieces for Picard, a toupee for Kirk (!), bowl and beatles haircut wigs for Spock and Chekov, Klingon, Ferengi and Borg masks, as well as those revealing 1960s miniskirts for females in the original crew.

You can buy Star Trek group Halloween costumes from your local costume shop, science fiction hobby shop, or online. Your continuing mission: to seek out a new group costume and boldly go where no Halloween party has gone before!



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