Renaissance Costumes for Teenage Guys

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What Renaissance costumes are good for teenage guys?

Renaissance Costumes for Teenage Guys

You saw “A Knight's Tale” with Heath Ledger. You think knight armor is cool. But if you're not inclined to be gallant, what kid costume can you wear? While your date dresses in a Renaissance Queen of Nottingham child costume, you ponder dressing as Bill or Ted. But you don't have to. You can always go as Harry Potter dazzled by the Renaissance Enchantress while sensible Hermione keeps you grounded. There's another kind of knight...the Jedi Knight. You can dress in a Star Wars Kid Costume and wield a lightsaber. Those Renaissance chick costumes look like Natalie Portman's outfits anyway. Or how about posing as a black, er, dark knight with your Batcape and a medieval broadsword? Batman can do anything. Arrr matey, you can also be a pirate with pirate cutlass and booty. A pirate child Halloween costume is bold, daring and prime guy-wear. Now all you have to do is battle the Renaissance or pirate queen, because she's not going to play damsel in distress for you! So if you're not into heavy metal, you can still be the hippest medieval dude at the party.



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