Dog Halloween Costume Safety

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Dog Halloween Costume Safety

Dressing your canine up in a dog Halloween costume this year? Although costumes are all in good fun, it's best to follow some dog Halloween costume safety tips to make sure you canine and everyone around her stays safe.

  • Walk your pooch in her dog Halloween costume while there's still light out if you can. It's easier to make sure she stays away from choking hazards like candy wrappers and other treats left out on the ground.
  • Your canine might look absolutely adorable to you, but remember that even dogs in the cutest Halloween attire can still frighten young children and vice versa. Keep your dog on a leash even if she's dressed up for Halloween.
  • If you decide to dress your pooch up in Halloween attire, keep her supervised. Wearing a costume can become a choking hazard if any parts like the elastic come loose and she decides to make a meal of it.



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