Funny Political Costumes

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Can I wear funny political costumes?

Funny Political Costumes

Political satire--it's the world's third oldest profession. It's the reason Jon Stewart and "Saturday Night Live" rule late-night TV. Johnny Carson did dead-on Ronald Reagan impressions. Political humor inspires funny Halloween costume ideas. Everyone will laugh if you dress as a Democrat donkey (the "Shrek" Donkey costume works well) or a Republican elephant.

With political masks, you have built-in funny costume ideas. Just be sure that your attire matches your funny costume mask. Might we suggest:

* Duck hunter's outfit (or a waffle costume) with a mask of Senator John Kerry
* President Clinton mask with Big Mac or French Fries funny costume
* Senator Ted Kennedy mask paired with Breathalyzer or Beer Keg funny costume

And to honor our current president, you can wear a George W. Bush mask with a classic cowboy costume for this Texan--it worked for President Reagan funny Halloween costumes in the 1980s. That's not so much a humorous idea as a patriotic one. But even our President pokes fun at himself. That's the best kind of political humor--laughing at ourselves in funny adult costumes.



10/6/2006 1:17:18 PM
Luke said:

Oh, I see. It is patriotic to wear G.W.B. as a costume but it's humorous if you dress up like one of the democrats. You ought to have the fries and a shake with Newt G. or Denny Hastert. You could have Tom Delay in handcuffs or Dick Cheney with a shotgun, maybe Nixon with a quitter sign or Bush with a beer keg or coke on his face. I could go on here but my point is that both political parties are mockable not only one while the other is patriotic.


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