Humorous Animal Costumes

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Can I dress in a funny animal costume?

Humorous Animal Costumes

Animals--they have their own channel and their own comedy show, "The Planet's Funniest Animals." Johnny Carson's best moments came from humorous animals. So if you decide to dress as an animal to get a few laughs, you're in good company. Some animal funny costume ideas:

* Circus lion with clown props (or fake severed hand sticking out of your mouth)
* Bunny funny costume that includes a giant foam carrot
* Chicken and turkey funny adult costumes
* Gorilla with giant banana
* Penguin a la "March of the Penguins"
* Bull and Bear--great funny Halloween costume ideas for avid investors
* Fly costume

Take a cue from your pets and become a party animal in dog or cat funny adult costumes. You might even get your own show!



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