Halloween Costume Wigs

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Can you give me some ideas for using wigs to create my Halloween costume look?

Halloween Costume Wigs

Got the costume look you're shooting for, but not the hair? It's simple and easy to use Halloween costume wigs to complete your ensemble. These are just a few Halloween costume wig ideas you can choose from to create your costume look.

For comb-over hair worth a million bucks, get a wig that's a dead ringer for Donald Trump. Finish off your look with a dark colored suit, red tie, dress shirt, and dress shoes. It also helps if you can bark out, “You're fired!”

Alias may have had its finale, but that doesn't mean you can't play agent Sydney Bristow. Get a long-haired wig, add incognito shades, a trench coat, high heels, and add a fake gun as your weapon.

If you want to play Marilyn Monroe, you have to have the right platinum blond hairdo. You can accomplish this by getting a Marilyn Monroe wig and a costume version of the infamous white halter gown. Don't forget to add the ruby red lipstick.

Shock jock Howard Stern calls for a wig with curly long black hair. Add a white t-shirt, black blazer, and dark pants. It also helps if you've got a very liberal vocabulary.

With the countless undercover operations Sydney Bristow took part in, you could choose any number of Halloween costume wigs to become her character. Choose from Halloween costume wigs like the international beauty, ultra glam wig, or Peggy Sue wig.



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