Animal Infant Costumes

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Animal Infant Costumes

If you're looking for animal infant costumes for your sweet babe, the possibilities are endless. From sea life to eight-legged crawling creatures, you'll have a heck of a time choosing between them all. These are our picks for some of the best animal infant costumes around.

  • What could be sweeter than an infant in a goldfish bunting complete with scales, fins, and bugged out eyes?
  • For the bounciest of babes, dress your little one up as a baby and mommy kangaroo.
  • It's got eight legs and tentacles too. It's a plush octopus Halloween costume for your infant.
  • If you can't slow your little tyke down, she'll be perfect for the monkey costume with matching stuffed doll.
  • With a bushy black and white tail and a white tuft of fur on his head to match, it's the cutest skunk Halloween costume around to dress your little one up in.



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