Baby Costume Cleaning

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How do I clean my baby’s costume?

Baby Costume Cleaning

And you thought candy and caramel apples were the only food obstacles on Halloween. Your adorable baby may look sweet in his bunting lamb or lamb infant toddler costume, but watch out till he dribbles milk and baby food all over it! Many bunting infant Halloween costumes are plush and “spot clean only.” You may want to use gentle non-abrasive laundry spot remover. If your little princess has dribbled on delicate tulle, use a fine fabric cleaner and cold water. Often, a child Halloween costume will be dry-clean only. Before you have it cleaned, decide whether your child or a sibling will wear the costume again. If the answer is yes, the money is well spent. If not, retire or throw away the costume. Sometimes, an infant costume is machine washable. Check the label, or ask the costume seller before you buy. This is doubly wise if you're buying a baby Halloween costume online. Lastly, if you plan to feed your toddler before Halloween, use a bib and several towels, or schedule the feeding a half-hour before you get ready for a party or trick-or-treating. Enjoy not having to worry about sugar rush and your neighbor's horrendous-tasting cookies for several years more.



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