Accessorizing Star Wars Costumes

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How can I accessorize my Star Wars costumes?

Accessorizing Star Wars Costumes

There are many ways to accessorize your Star Wars costumes. You can buy light sabers for several of the star wars costumes, or just for fun around the house. If you want to combine a Darth Vader costume with a Darth Maul or Watto mask, the sky's the limit. Your child can create an eerie effect by buying a Darth Vader mask and cape to pair with the Anakin Skywalker costume, or just choose Darth Vader gloves. Your child and you can choose a Darth Vader or an Anakin Skywalker light saber. Just use common sense when mixing and matching costumes. We can't be responsible for the consequences if you go out wearing a Jar Jar Binks mask!



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