Gothic Romance

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Can I create romantic Gothic costumes?

Gothic Romance

You know the type of book. Frightened heroine with or without heaving bosom. Big dark mysterious castle or mansion. Wealthy, mysterious hero who's either drop-dead or undead handsome or tragically, romantically disfigured. Constant warnings to not become a governess/marry the hero/set foot in the castle/drink the water.

Yes, we have Gothic romances, of which Dracula and Frankenstein are prime examples. You can be a literary couple in your own Gothic romance. Gothic plus size costumes are easily suitable even though couples are usually skinny in Gothic tales.

You can be a minister or mistress of darkness trying to fight the dark side and.or accept the terrifying supernatural curse upon you. A long velvet cloak and white dress or governess garb (high-necked dresses in plus size) create the ingenue effect for women. Plus size Victorian suits for the young unsuspecting man are the equivalent of ingenue horror and Gothic plus size costumes for women.

How about modern Gothic? Wear street clothes to the party and then don Gothic Halloween costumes plus size at the stroke of midnight, or whenever the party gets boring. Add recorded screams or wolf howls. Invite a few plus size Gothic temptresses a la Dracula. Will love conquer all, or surrender to the darkest dreams? Maybe the Phantom can win Christine this time.

The only danger, especially if you're a guy, is that you now have to admit reading cheesy Gothic romances!



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