Plus Size Monster Costume

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How can I make a plus size monster costume?

Plus Size Monster Costume

Monsters are large and in charge. If you're not up for buying horror and Gothic plus size costumes because you think the prices are too monstrous, make like a mad scientist and create your own plus size Gothic effect. Some ideas:

* Bedsheets wound around you make great Gothic plus size mummy costumes! Don't forget scarabs and jewelry accessories.
* Theatrical makeup, vampire fangs, fake blood and an extra-large suit make a terrific alternative to store-bought vampire gothic plus size costumes.
* A skeleton mask and a long velvet Gothic plus size cloak create scare-ifying effects.
* Cat ears, cat makeup and head-to-toe black plus size clothing will have people running out of your path! Don't forget cat claws and fangs.

Your costume will be monstrous, but your costume budget doesn't have to be.



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