Horror Movie Scene Ideas

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Can I reenact horror movie scenes with Gothic plus size wear?

Horror Movie Scene Ideas

Ever notice that the people who get killed first in horror movies are plus size? Hollywood seems to have a vendetta. Maybe it's the idea that gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. What a concept: Hollywood punishing people for sin.

However, if you're shopping in the Gothic plus size aisle, you don't have to dread choosing horror and Gothic plus size costumes. Movies are, after all, only make-believe. You can even have fun with horror movie scenes. Try being:

* Lestat biting a waif who turns into a voluptuous woman
* Frankenstein embracing his Queen of Night in a Monster Bride wig
* Dracula biting scores of women in plus size Gothic and refusing the skinny ones
* A trio of the Witches of Eastwick in gothic Halloween costumes plus size--with a plump Cher (bonus points for an "I Got You Babe" hairdo)

You can have fun with horror movie moments. Besides, in some films, the skinny girls get lured to their doom. Just don't go into a haunted house alone, and always look behind you.



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