Viking Couples Costume

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Can we wear a Viking couples costume?

Viking Couples Costume

You had a Viking wedding and are planning a Viking funeral. You have Wagner ringtones on your cellphone. And you've never missed a Minnesota Vikings game. You're a true Nordic couple--even if your last name is Pagliacci or Gomez. You have an Eric the Red-sized Halloween costume idea for couple: go as Vikings!

The best part is, you don't have to pillage a village to find a Viking adult Halloween costume for couple. We like the Viking Perky costume you often see in sexy costume sections. Ladies, your own personal Siegfried will give a Viking yell when he sees you dressed as Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. To complete Nordic sexy couple costumes for Halloween, try a Viking chief costume for a would-be warrior. You'll be bold, ruthless, attractive and feared. Grab a mug of Viking mead and sing opera till you bring the house down.



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