Holiday Costumes for March and Easter Costumes for April

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What are some good Easter costume tips?

Holiday Costumes for March and Easter Costumes for April

For ideas for Easter costumes and holiday costumes for March, dress at a leprechaun or an Irish country lad (men) or an Irish country lass (women) for St. Patrick's Day. Purim is celebrated on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar, which falls sometime in February or March. The merrymaking and festive air of this holiday is even carried into the synagogue, where the Megillah (or Book of Ester) is read. This Biblical account describes how Queen Ester cleverly foiled the plot of Haman, a wicked minister to the King, to destroy all of the Jews of Persia. Dressing up as the main characters in the Queen Ester store is one of the customs of this holiday. For holiday costumes in the month of April, play an easy and quick April Fool's Day joke by wearing a bunny costume and carry a sign that says, "I'm an elephant." Dress up as Ackward Bay Erson Pay, an Easter Bunny or an Easter egg for Easter, a fruit tree or Mother or Father Nature to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day, and of course, Johnny Appleseed on Arbor Day. According to legend, Johnny Appleseed wandered through the Ohio River Valley frontier planting apple seeds and seedling trees.



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