Costume Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colors of mardi gras?

What is the history behind feather masks?

What kind of mardi gras costume should I look for?

Where can I find tips about mardi gras show girl headdresses?

What kind of costumes are appropriate for mardi gras parades?

What is the history of mardi gras masquerade balls?

What is the queen of carnival?

Why do people throw beads?

How can I get lots of mardi gras beads?

Are there any mardi gras costume contests?

Can mardi gras be a family event?

What are other mardi gras costume traditions?

What should I consider about weather for my mardi gras costume?

How do colors play in a toga costume?

Where do I find renaissance costume patterns to wear at a Renaissance Faire?

What renaissance clothing can I wear to a medieval wedding?

How do I give my renaissance costume a “slashing” effect?

What did Italian’s wear in the renaissance period?

What kind of accessories should I wear with renaissance clothing?

What kind of medieval clothing did court ladies wear?

What do children medieval costumes include?

What type of medieval costumes would adults and children to wear to a gathering?

Can I rent religious costumes?

What biblical costumes did common people wear?

Can I accessorize religious biblical costumes?

What kind of Easter costumes are there for children?

Ideas for an infants bunny costumes?

What style and sizes do bunny costumes come in?

What is the difference between a roman and Greek costume for a man?

How do I create a toga for a roman costume party?

What do I need for a medieval knight costume?

How can I create a child knight costume?

What weapons would I carry to offset a knight costume?

How do I keep my Darth Vader mask from becoming too hot or uncomfortable?

How do I know if my child’s Anakin Skywalker costume or Darth Vader costume is the right size?

How can I accessorize my Star Wars costumes?

What kind of batteries do the Drath Vader and Anakin Skywalker light sabers take?

What can my kids wear in the 1950s style?

Can we go as a bobby-soxer girl group?

How do I dress like John Travolta in “Grease”?

What did 1950s cheerleaders look like?

What did maids and butlers wear in the 1920s?

What kind of bathing suits did people wear in the 1920s?

How can I dress as a showgirl, like in “Chicago”?

I’d like to dress as a gangster moll, what do I wear?

What’s the difference between a woman’s Greek and Roman costume?

How do I accessorize my Roman togas?

Ancient Greeks and Romans wore sandals, can I just wear my summer shoes?

Did Roman soldiers ever wear trousers, and can I wear them with my toga costume?

Other than crowns and wreaths, what can I wear on my head?

I love Johnny Depp’s costume in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” can I recreate that look?

My kids love the Wiggles, how can I dress like Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate?

How can I look like a pirate queen, such as Grace O’Malley who raided Queen Elizabeth’s ships?

When dressing as a pirate swashbuckler, should I strive to look like Errol Flynn?

Other than a surfer dude oufit, what luau costumes can men wear?

What accessories will make my hula dancer costume spectacular?

Do grass skirts come in different colors?

I think it would be fun to wear a tiki god mask with my costume, can I do that?

What are the different flowers that make up a Hawaiian leis?

How quickly will my baby outgrow her costume?

Can my six-month-old wear a costume with legs?

How do I clean my baby’s costume?

How do I save money on Halloween costumes for babies?

How do I make baby costumes safe during Halloween?

What if my child wants to wear a Halloween costume all the time?

What masks can children choose?

Are cowboy and Indian costumes still good for children?

Is it OK for teens to dress as gangsters and pirates?

What Renaissance costumes are good for teenage guys?

What plus size costumes are sexy on men?

What are some Western sexy plus size costumes?

What 1920s plus size looks can I wear?

Are Greek plus size costumes sexy?

How can I make a plus size monster costume?

What are some new horror and Gothic costumes I can do?

Can I be a good Gothic sorceress or vampiress?

Can I reenact horror movie scenes with Gothic plus size wear?

Can I create romantic Gothic costumes?

Can Robin Hood and Maid Marian be plus size?

What are some plus size queen costumes I can wear?

What plus size costumes can I wear as a witch or wizard?

Are princesses all as perfect as Barbie or "real women"?

Can I dress as Shakespeare or another bard?

What sexy costumes can guys wear?

How can I dress as an exciting female spy?

Are French maid costumes too cliche?

Can I be sexy if I'm all covered up?

Are cartoon characters sexy?

Can I dress in a funny animal costume?

Can I wear fun food costumes?

What kind of "gag" costumes can I wear?

Can I wear funny political costumes?

Can I wear funny doctor costumes?

What are some humorous couple costumes?

What are some great famous couple costumes?

What are some good fictional character costumes for a couple?

What are soem different horror couple costumes?

What are some sexy adult couple costumes?

Can we wear a Viking couples costume?

Can we mix and match couple costumes?

What are some great animal couple costume ideas?

What are some good teenage couple costumes?

What are some good couple costumes for pre-teens?

Should we wear Simpsons group costumes

Can we dress in "Star Trek" group Halloween costumes?

What are some great group Roman or Greek costumes?

How do we dress as the Blue Man Group for Halloween?

Can we dress in Rocky Horror Group Costumes?

What Halloween costumes are good for groups with kids?

What space-themed group Halloween costumes can we buy?

What kind of girl group Halloween costumes can we wear?

What are some great Halloween costume group ideas for guys?

What food costumes can we wear as a group?

Did the Pilgrims really wear black and white, and do I have to?

What decorations will go with my Thanksgiving costumes?

Did the Pilgrims and Indians wear much jewelry?

Should I wear coats with my Thanksgiving costumes?

What foods can I dress as besides pumpkins and turkeys?

Is it still apporpriate to have a fat Santa Claus costume?

How do I get gold, frankincense and myrrh for Three Wise Men costumes?

Can I wear bells on my reindeer costume or elf costume?

How do I wear a Mrs. Claus costume and isn't she archaic?

Can girls be wise men and shepherds?

What's the best material for a Santa suit?

Will my child's elf costume be safe for him to dance in?

Are Santa Claus costumes appropriate for Halloween?

Is it appropriate to dress as the Adult Jesus at Christmas?

Can kids be Christmas animals in animal costumes?

Does my Santa costume or Mrs Santa Costume need makeup?

How do I dress and act as a Santa Claus?

What makeup do I need to be an elf?

Is it better to buy a Santa costume with or without a wig and beard?

How do I create a little drummer boy/girl costume?

Should I dress as a bird with my feather mask?

Should I still buy a Mardi Gras costume after Hurricane Katrina?

Can I dress as a King's Cake?

What costume can I wear with my mask on a stick?

How do I care for my handmade Italian feather mask?

Do I have to wear skimpy clothing with a showgirl headdress?

How do I care for my lace mask on a stick?

Can I wear a far-out costume wig with feather masks?

Can I wear showgirl headdresses combined with masks?

What kind of jewelry can I wear with my showgirl headdress?

Are Easter bunny costumes comfortable for adults to hop in?

How do I get that bloody scourged look when playing Jesus?

How do I make an adult Easter Lamb costume?

Are Nativity scenes appropriate for Easter?

What Roman costumes can I wear at Easter?

What costume can I wear as King Ahausuerus?

What is a "gragger" and how do I make one?

What kind of jester or clown costumes can I wear?

What does a chicken have to do with Purim?

What jewelry should Queen Esther wear?

What are some Halloween costume ideas for my infant?

Do you have suggestions for animal infant costumes for infants?

What ideas do you have for toddler costumes?

What infant costume safety tips do you have?

Is there a baby Elvis costume available for my infant?

Can you give me ideas on an infant fairy costume for my baby?

Can you give me some guidelines to put together biblical costumes?

Biblical costume, shepherd boy costume

Can you give me some ideas for a Jesus costume?

Can you tell me about wigs for a Jesus costume?

What kind of biblical costume accessories can I get?

Can you tell me how to make some props for biblical characters?

Do you have any homemade costume ideas of edible items?

Do you have any homemade costumes inspired by household items?

What kind of costume patterns can I get for different age groups?

Can you suggest a fun couples costume to make?

Can you give me a suggestion for a horror costume?

Can you suggest a costume from the 80’s?

Can you suggest a character costume to create?

Do you have any ideas for child costumes you can make?

Can you give me easy to make Halloween costume ideas for kids?

What options do I have for dressing my child up in a Barbie costume?

Can you tell me about the different Batman costumes for kids?

Can you tell me how to put together a black cat costume for my child?

What do I need to put together a Pinocchio costume?

Can you tell me what Power Ranger Costumes I can choose from?

How can I include my dog in the festivities for Halloween?

Is there a Halloween costume event I can take my dog to?

How do I measure my dog for a costume?

Can I get my pet a costume as a Disney character?

Do you have any safety tips for dog Halloween costumes?

What dog outfit do I put my pooch in for a wedding?

Is there a Superman pet costume for my dog?

How should I dress as a Flapper?

I'm going to a Twenties party. What are some conversation starters?

Where can I get 1920s patterns?

Can you give me some suggestions on costumes with a toga?

Can you tell me how to make a toga for a goddess?

Can you give me some guidelines for getting material for a toga?

How do you make a men’s toga?

Where did the idea of the toga part start?

Can you give me ideas for a sexy toga costume?

Can you give me some ideas on a toga costume for men?

What kinds of Santa Claus costumes are available?

Is there a variation on the Santa suit available?

What do I need for an elf outfit?

Can you tell me what I need for a Mrs. Claus outfit?

How much would I have to pay for a snowman costume from the costume store?

Can you tell me about the toy soldier costume?

How can I dress my dog up during Halloween?

Do you have any tips for how to apply face paint?

Can you give me some ideas on characters to create with theatrical makeup?

How do I put on a fake mustache?

Can you tell me how to make my own Halloween make up?

How do you make fake blood?

How do you create the look of dead skin for Halloween?

Can you give me some tips on how to use costume application products?

Do you have couples costume ideas?

Do you have costume ideas for twins?

Do you have suggestions for a famous couples costume?

What is an easy couples costume to make?

Do you have an idea for a contemporary couples costume?

Do you have some suggestions for humorous couples costumes?

Do you have suggestions for television inspired couples costumes?

What outfits can I create with costume accessories?

Can you give me some ideas for using costume hats as an accessory?

Can you give me some ideas for a costume I can create with costume masks?

Can you give me some ideas for using wigs to create my Halloween costume look?

Can you give me some ideas on a scary Halloween mask?

Do you have ideas for animal masks as costumes?

Can you tell me what costumes I can use with glove accessories?

What characters can I dress up as in an adult medieval costume?

What did the adult commoner wear in the Renaissance period?

What will I be wearing if I dress up in a knight costume?

What will I wear for a medieval princess costume?

Can you tell me what I need for a jester costume?

Do you have a suggestion for a medieval couples costume?

Can you describe the Merlin costume to me?

Do you have ideas for sexy costumes for her?

What options do I have for a mermaid costume?

Do you have any ideas for a sexy costume drawn from a historical character?

What do I need for a Playboy Bunny costume?

What’s a sexy exotic costume?

Do you have any suggestions for a sexy character costume?

What’s an easy sexy Halloween costume that people will recognize?

How should I dress for a 1950s Halloween costume party?

Where do I find a Pink Ladies Jacket for a 1950s costume party?

Tell me about Greasers.

Tell me about Poodle Skirts.

Where can I find Poodle Skirt patterns?

Tell me what was popular in the 1950s.

What are some good adult costumes?

Are there Plus Size adult costumes?

How do I choose a costume?

How do I put together an 80s costume?

How do I dress as Jack Sparrow?

How do I dress as a cop?

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