Horror Couple Costumes

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What are soem different horror couple costumes?

Horror Couple Costumes

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein (with the requisite beehive black and white wig). Vampire and vampiress. Nun and Devil. Dark priest and priestess. We all know these basic couple Halloween costumes. But how about an unconventional horror halloween costume idea for couple? Some of our bizarre and sexy horror-themed adult Halloween costume for couple ideas:

* French maid and Frankenstein
* Frankenstein and Vampiress (with black or crimson eye mask)
* Batarella costume (with bat wig) and Batman
* Gothic fairy and Gothic elf
* Grim Reaper and sexy nurse
* Wolfman and sexy Red Riding Hood
* King Kong and Fay Wray (any sexy lingerie costume will do)
* Janet Weiss and Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Who knows, with unconventional and unusual horror-movie couple costume, you may inspire your own horror screen legend!



4/6/2007 7:23:26 PM
Jason said:

Where can you get a Janet Weiss costume?


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