Sexy Couple Costumes

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What are some sexy adult couple costumes?

Sexy Couple Costumes

If you don't mind baring a few midriffs and legs, and if your friends' video cameras are nowehere to be found, you can steam up the room in sexy couple Halloween costumes. Some hot picks for sexy couple costumes for Halloween:

--How about a Days of Thunder adult halloween costume for couple? Kick your party into high octane--don't forget a racing flag! Guys should skip the NASCAR uniform and wear shorts, racing boots and leather jackets. Women can wear sexy speedway costumes.

--You can tango as Zorro and a Spanish flamenco dancer--ripped shirt and a slit dress will make you say Ole and leave your mark on any Halloween gathering.

--Don't be in denial--Pharaohs can bare all, and so can sexy Egyptian queens. It's hot in that desert!

--How about a shirtless Zoot suit gangster with a gangster moll in a two-piece bikini-style costume? The Twenties were never so roaring, and all that jazz!

--You can be a bare-chested rugged cowboy mechanical bull rider and wet T-shirt contest winner in a honkytonk. Let's hit the happy trails!

The art of sex appeal isn't necessarily in baring it all, but if showing a little skin (just this once, right?) on a wild and crazy Halloween night makes you have fun as a couple, then it's definitely a hot Halloween costume idea for couple. Leave the cameras at home, though--you don't want to find yourselves posted on the Internet.



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