Animal Couple Costumes

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What are some great animal couple costume ideas?

Animal Couple Costumes

You love animals--you've turned your home into a shelter for the neighborhood stray cats and dogs. You went on safari together. So it's no surprise you're dressing as animals for Halloween and picking out ideas for couple Halloween costumes from your backyard and the Discovery Channel. A nature-inspired Halloween costume idea for couple is always popular. Some of our favorite couple costumes from the animal kingdom:

* Dog and pony
* Cat and dog
* Chicken and turkey
* Fly and bee
* Fly and spider
* Butterfly and bee
* Gorilla and monkey
* Lion and tiger
* Lion and lioness (like Simba and Nala in "The Lion King")
* Teddy bear and bunny
* Easter Bunny and reindeer
* Cow and chicken
* Horse and cow
* Cat and rat
* Penguin and polar bear
* Ostrich and turkey
* Wolf and fox
* Fox and dog
* Bat and raven

Guys, when you're dressing like an animal in your Halloween costume for couple, don't eat or behave like an animal or you might find yourself in the doghouse with that Scottie you rescued last week.



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