Pilgrim and Native American Coats

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Should I wear coats with my Thanksgiving costumes?

Pilgrim and Native American Coats

While PETA may attack modern-day celebs for wearing fur, they probably would agree that in harsh Massachusetts winters, Native Americans needed heavy furs to keep warm. Fur robes and heavy animal-skin clothing will add authenticity to your Native American costumes.

The Pilgrims may have suffered and taken ill from the cold, but they dressed warmly in cloaks, probably wool. Older venerated men of the community wore long wool coats over their Pilgrim garb, so you or your child can pretend to be an old man (30 was considered old back then) with a long wool coat over a Pilgrim costume and a white Goerge Washington-type wig. Don't forget the older matrons, with wool shawls and cloaks.

But don't you dare fasten a fur cape over your Pilgrim costume or you'll face a worse attack than the Pilgrims feared from the Native Americans. Better to stick with a turkey or pumpkin costume. Pumpkins only wear frost in the winter and don't get spray-painted by activists.



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