Thanksgiving Foods

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What foods can I dress as besides pumpkins and turkeys?

Thanksgiving Foods

You vowed you would never again be bloated from eating too much turkey. Why not wear a turkey costume? Instead of devouring pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, why not strut your veggie stuff as a pumpkin? We guarantee you won't blow your diet!

Harriet the Spy made you giggle as a kid when she portrayed the onion in her school play. You or your child can dress as an onion, squash, tomato, or ear of corn. While your friends fuss about what constitutes an authentic Pilgrim costume and argue over Native American costumes, you can squabble over who gets to be squash and fuss about how to dress as bread stuffing.

With food-inspired Thanksgiving costumes, you won't fall asleep in front of the TV during the football game...unless you want to. And you'll definitely stick to the diet so your pumpkin costume doesn't pinch next year!



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