Jesus Christmas Costume

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Is it appropriate to dress as the Adult Jesus at Christmas?

Jesus Christmas Costume

You nitpick Bible scholars and Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ." Doubting Thomas? Analytical? You know you have faith. But you object to your neighbor dressing up in an adult Jesus costume at Christmas--Jesus was just an infant then!

It might be a tad historically incorrect to dress in fully grown Jesus Christmas costumes, but the Jesus costume with full Biblical wig will remind everyone what Christmas is supposed to be about.

If you're afraid your neighbor will get attacked by other doubters, surround him with the Three Wise Men, the angels, the donkey, ox and lamb as well as Biblical Mary and Biblical Joseph. Children dressed in religious Christmas costumes usually bring as many smiles as a child wearing an elf costume or Santa Claus costume, and the doubters will hush up. You can even use the robe from an angel costume and a Jesus wig to create a child's Jesus costume, or your kids can dress in baby swaddling clothes and a halo.

You've given your neighbor the seal of approval, although he doesn't need it to express his faith. But you have a point when you tell him Jesus didn't wear Timberland moccasins.



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