Wise Men and Shepherds

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Can girls be wise men and shepherds?

Wise Men and Shepherds

Girls are portraying all the roles guys once did--ironic, considering that in Shakespeare's time and in Kabuki theater, men played women's roles. So it shouldn't be a surprise that girls want to wear shepherd boy and wise men costumes at school, at Christmas parties and at church. Be careful--like a woman wearing a Santa Claus costume, some modernizations just don't work. A woman can wear a reindeer costume or elf costume, but there's a Santa costume and a Mrs. Santa costume--no arguments.

Sometimes assigning parts in Christmas plays can be difficult--remember the classics "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"? Some traditionalists might object to girls wearing shepherd's robes--even though Christ embraced women as figurative shepherds of his flock.

Carry those canes, girls! Have a younger sibling or friend wear lamb and ox costumes. With the exception of Jesus and Joseph clothing, religious Christmas costumes work for girls as well as boys.

What about those three wise men? Maybe little girls aren't such a good choice to play the three Magi--although they can certainly fit into the costumes. After all, the women would have stopped to ask for directions even before they saw the Star of Bethlehem. But your little girls can certainly wear shepherd Christmas costumes.



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