Christmas Animal Costumes

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Can kids be Christmas animals in animal costumes?

Christmas Animal Costumes

Think of Christmas animals, and you usually think of Rudolph--but you don't want to wear a reindeer costume. There are more fun animal Christmas costumes for you as a kid to dress up in. Of course, you can be the Christmas lamb, ox (a cow costume is perfect), or donkey (you have the Shrek Donkey costume complete with teeth).

We have some more creative animal ideas, such as:

* A Santa Claus Dog--try a Playful Puppy costume with a Santa Claus hat and Christmas ribbons
* A Christmas Cat with Santa Claus or elf hat
* A Christmas Penguin with Santa hat
* A Christmas Bunny--like the Velveteen Rabbit, with a Christmas bow and Santa hat
* A Christmas Bear with Santa hat

Let the other kids wear the Santa Claus costume and the elf costume. You're a Christmas animal!



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