Elf Makeup

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What makeup do I need to be an elf?

Elf Makeup

Without the elves, Santa couldn't make toys, so an elf costume has to be as realistic as a Santa costume or a reindeer costume. Besides the pointy shoes, ears and jingle bells, an elf costume has to have that genuine elf "look."

Will theatrical makeup get you into the jolly green spirit? Should you paint your face green? Kids will love to cover their faces in green paint--even though you mostly see elves with unpainted cherubic cheeks. Occasionally, you'll see an older elf with wrinkles.

When you're designing elf makeup, here are a few elf-improvement tips:

* If you're masquerading as an older elf, apply wrinkles just as you would for a Santa Claus costume.
* Make sure the tone of the makeup matches or complements the plastic or rubber elf ears.
* If you and your kids don't want green all over your faces, try several different colors of glitter for that magical glow. Or let your imagination loose with a face-painting kit.
* Female elves might want to keep their makeup natural and subtle. Don't let it overwhelm the elf costume. Don't over-glam unless you're in a sexy elf costume. Glittery translucent makeup powder or foundation works well here.

After all, elves aren't replaceable--Santa would find it difficult to run his workshop without them. Wear a big smile, as if you have the best job in the world--which, to kids, you do!



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