Birds of a Feather Mask

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Should I dress as a bird with my feather mask?

Birds of a Feather Mask

You've bought the perfect Flames of Gold Feather Mask. You want to dress in feathered Mardi Gras costumes too. In Mardi Gras, anything goes on Mardi Gras Day and at the masquerade balls. You can wear animal and bird Mardi Gras masks and Carnival masks with animal costumes. Here are some tips to guarantee that your feather mask and costume won't be for the birds:

* Make sure the mask blends with your costume--although a green mask with a brown feathered outfit is perfect if you're quacking like a painted mallard duck.
* You can dress in a feathered cape or black cape over black clothing to match black feather masks.
* Don't wear Mardi Gras masks with horns or tufts unless you're pretending to be an owl.
* Don't overdo feathers in either Mardi Gras costumes or mardi Gras masks. If you're costantly brushing aside feathers, you may look like you're preening or angry.

Once you have the perfect feather mask and Mardi Gras costume, let your cares be as light as a feather, so you can be free as get the idea.



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