Famous Couples Costume

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Famous Couples Costume

Are you looking for a famous couples costume to celebrate Halloween or another event this year, but still trying to come up with ideas? Take a look at our list of suggestions for a famous couples costume:

  • Go for a 70's hippy look as the singing duo Sonny and Cher. Think long dark hair, psychedelic print with bell-bottoms for her. For him, get a matching ensemble and mustache.
  • Get dressed up in a star-studded outfit as the King himself – Elvis Presley. For your beau, come dressed up in 60's style glam as rocker wife Priscilla Presley.
  • Get your white hooded outfit and cinnamon bun hair and go as Princess Leia. For her counterpart, put on a white shirt, black vest, a bit of a swagger, and become Han Solo.
  • Take a trip back to the days of medieval sorcery and lore and dress up as King Arthur and Guinevere. For his costume, dress up as a regal knight, complete with sword and a crown. For her costume, dress up in rich colors of renaissance finery – a long flowing gown and hair to match.



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