Adult Renaissance Costumes For The Commoner

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What did the adult commoner wear in the Renaissance period?

Adult Renaissance Costumes For The Commoner

Planning to dress up in adult Renaissance costumes as a commoner? In the time of the Renaissance period, clothing materials we often take for granted today were not common. For instance, cotton was a luxury fabric, as it required a lengthy process to make it. More common materials consisted of wool and flax turned into linen.

For the typical common man, attire consists of a long sleeved, full shirt, a vest known as a jerkin, pants known as breeches, and biggins worn on the head.

A typical woman would wear a full, simple over and underskirt, a billowing shirt, a bodice with leather ties, and a snood over braided hair.

Adult renaissance costumes for the commoner are great costumes for Halloween or during a Renaissance fair.

For some easy additions to your adult Renaissance costumes, get accessories at an online retailer. Your adult Renaissance costumes can take on a realistic flair when you add items like boot covers for your shoes or Renaissance style wigs.



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