1950s Halloween Costumes

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How should I dress for a 1950s Halloween costume party?

1950s Halloween Costumes

A 1950s Halloween Costume is a lot of fun to put together. To dress up as a 1950s girl, get a Poodle Skirt. Wear a white shirt with pastel sweater. Step into bobby socks and saddle shoes. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and tie with a pretty satin ribbon. To be a Greaser, wear a plain, white, short-sleeved T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Grease your hair into a ducktail. Your jeans are rolled up to show your cool white Greaser socks and black shoes. Now you're ready for the Sock Hop!
Rock around the clock with your 1950s Halloween costumes. Your Poodle Skirt and bobby socks set the mood. If you're a Greaser, remember it's all in the attitude. Be sure to show your white Greaser socks and plenty of James Dean attitude!



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