January and February Religious Costumes

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Where can I find Valentine cupid costumes?

January and February Religious Costumes

For ideas on biblical and religious costumes in January, become a New Year's Day Janus, since the month of January gets its name from the Roman god of gates and doors, Janus. Janus was often shown with two faces, one lookng forward and one looking backward. Make a life-size mask of yourself on a piece of paper and place it around the back of your head, tying it with a piece of string or rubber band over your ears to keep it in place. Make a sandwich sign from color construction paper. Decorate both sides with streamers, balloons, scrap paper, foil or any other artsy materials you can find. Write a December calendar on one side and a January calendar on the other side and wear it around your body like a sandwich sign. For Martin Luther King's birthday, dress as Martin Luther King, Jr. For Chinese New Year, you and a friend could get a horse costume and decorate it with many different colors and materials to become the ceremonial Chinese New Year dragon. For ideas for holiday costumes in February, become a cupid or a Valetine's Day greeting card, or a Knave of Hearts (taken from the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, who said he "stole the tarts and took them clean away"). Dress as a Queen or King of Hearts by making a sandwich sign of a deck of playing cards. Become Abraham Lincoln to help celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday or become his wife Mary Todd Lincoln. Dress as George Washington or his wife Martha Washington to help celebrate George Washington's birthday.



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