Scarecrow Costume

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What are some ideas for easy homemade Halloween costumes?

Scarecrow Costume

This homemade costume is really easy to put together. You will need some old clothes and a pair of rubber boots. SUPPLIES: An old shirt and an old pair of pants Sccissors Scraps of fabric Needle and thread Straw All-purpose glue 1-inch wide elastic a pair of rubber boots an old hat pencil and tracing paper orange card stock 20 inches of hat elastic hay or straw INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Cut a ragged edge around the sleeves of the old shirt and around the legs of the pants. Cut out patches of colorful fabric and sew them to the shirt and pants. Glue pieces of hay or straw to the bottom of the shirtsleeves. 2) To make the bandana, cut out a square of fabric. Fray the edges by pulling out 3 or 4 threads from all four sides. 3) Cut 2 lengths of wide elastic long enough to wrap around the tops of the rubber boots. Sew pieces of straw to the elastic. Overlap the ends of the elastic and sew them together. Slip the elastic over the tops of the rubber boots. 4) Cut a slit across the crown or top section of the costume hat. Glue straw inside the hat, and pull it through the slit. Glue more straw inside the brim of the hat so that it hangs down. 5) To make the nose, cut out a long triangular piece form orange card stock. Cut out a nose, fold together like a cone shape and glue them together by overlapping each end piece. Make a hole at each side of the nose. Thread elastic through the holes, and knot the ends inside the nose.



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