Sizing Your Costumes

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How can I size my costumes?

Sizing Your Costumes

At, we know that sizing your costume can be almost as stressful as choosing one. Costume manufacturers provide us with general size guidelines which typically correspond to regular clothing sizes. These sizes are posted in parentheses next to the size selection buttons in each specific item.

The Men's sizes refer to jacket size.
The Women's sizes refer to dress size.
The Child sizes refer to child size, not age.
We realize these sizes may be a little vague, so we've tried to make it easier for you by actually measuring each costume and providing these measurements on our website. Once you've clicked on a costume's small thumbnail image, name or code number to reach the item detail page, the measurements can be found in a chart below the large image and costume description. (If you see size measurements listed in the chart, but not available in the Choose Size area, they are temporarily out of stock.) Any measurement not appearing on the website can be provided by our customer service staff, either through e-mail, or phone.

To size your costume properly, we suggest you take items from your own wardrobe that fit well and compare them to the measurements we have provided. Costumes on average tend to run small. Please do not get discouraged if you need a costume size larger then your real clothes. This is normal! If you find that you are in between sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.



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